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Carl R. ToersBijns is the author of the Wasted Honor Trilogy [Wasted Honor I,II and Gorilla Justice] and his newest book From the Womb to the Tomb, the Tony Lester Story, which is a reflection of his life and his experiences as a correctional officer and a correctional administrator retiring with the rank of deputy warden in the New Mexico and Arizona correctional systems.

Carl also wrote a book on his combat experience in the Kindle book titled - Combat Medic - Men with destiny - A red cross of Valor -

Carl is considered by many a rogue expert in the field of prison security systems since leaving the profession. Carl has been involved in the design of many pilot programs related to mental health treatment, security threat groups, suicide prevention, and maximum custody operational plans including double bunking max inmates and enhancing security for staff. He invites you to read his books so you can understand and grasp the cultural and political implications and influences of these prisons. He deals with the emotions, the stress and anxiety as well as the realities faced working inside a prison. He deals with the occupational risks while elaborating on the psychological impact of both prison worker and prisoner.

His most recent book, Gorilla Justice, is an un-edited raw fictional version of realistic prison experiences and events through the eyes of an anecdotal translation of the inmate’s plight and suffering while enduring the harsh and toxic prison environment including solitary confinement.

Carl has been interviewed by numerous news stations and newspapers in Phoenix regarding the escape from the Kingman prison and other high profile media cases related to wrongful deaths and suicides inside prisons. His insights have been solicited by the ACLU, Amnesty International, and various other legal firms representing solitary confinement cases in California and Arizona. He is currently working on the STG Step Down program at Pelican Bay and has offered his own experience insights with the Center of Constitutional Rights lawyers and interns to establish a core program at the SHU units. He has personally corresponded and written with SHU prisoners to assess the living conditions and how it impacts their long term placement inside these type of units that are similar to those in Arizona Florence Eyman special management unit where Carl was a unit deputy warden for almost two years before his promotion to Deputy Warden of Operations in Safford and Eyman.

He is a strong advocate for the mentally ill and is a board member of David's Hope Inc. a non-profit advocacy group in Phoenix and also serves as a senior advisor for Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council in Chino, California As a subject matter expert and corrections consultant, Carl has provided interviews and spoken on national and international radio talk shows e.g. BBC CBC Lou Show & TV shows as well as the Associated Press.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Apocalyse (inside my own mind)

The Apocalypse is in your own Mind

There are no references for what I am about to write. There is no proof and there certainly isn’t anything concrete you can hold or see to be the truth of what I am writing about. This isn’t about biblical parables or symbolism of the apocalypse as it was written in the Revelations of Saint John. Most of what I write may seem bizarre, cryptic and a form of delusional thinking or sensationalism that came from my own mind.

None of this is written in any holy scriptures and likely not in any scientific documents written in books or found on the web. I know two things for sure: either the apocalypse is real or it is false. I know it’s universally accepted as being a part of your own religious based beliefs as you grew up and taught about revelations etc. including the rapture and second coming of Jesus Christ. Somewhere between the truth and my beliefs is a value for me to believe that there are many promises written in the Bible and whether or not this promise of a blessing or a dooms day event is real is up to the individual’s own sentiment and faith in what is written.

My aim is to keep these reflections rooted in what is textually clear, practical, and consistent with my personal lessons learned mainly on my own and mentors too many to mention. The apocalypse is about you and your life – it has nothing to do with others in your life or world. It’s all about how you lived your life and the way you lived, without leaving out the bad with the good and not focusing on future events but rather dwell in the present.

According to Wikipedia, apocalypse means the lifting of the veil” or “revelation”. It is a term applied to the disclosure to certain persons (apostles usually) of something hidden from the majority of humankind. Today the term is often used to refer to the end of the world, or revelations at the end of an age. The book of Revelation is known as the Apocalypse of St. John of Patmos.

In my own mind, these revelations are poems written in a language that is visual and emotional in content and context. It’s a prayerful imagination in one’s own mind. I make up what I see, hear and feel. I am inspired by the fact that I have free-will to do so and see the apocalypse as a means to express the end within the realms of my own life and not anyone else’s world or problems.

I believe that visions, feelings and sounds can be real without being factually present in a realistic world – the mind allows you to feel things not yet real but gives you a hint or warning of what is to come.

In the Bible there are hundreds examples of allusions and at the same time filled with tales of delusional thinking and hallucinations impregnating the minds of many who believe they saw or heard what they wrote. They felt inspired to do so and documented their own experiences for the sake of extrapolating information for others to learn from and heed advice for the future.

The stories of the apocalypse are meant to give you new perspectives. It allows you to think of the past, present and the future without being weird or not normal and not cast into the darkness of the paranormal.

It gave us a coping device on what we refer to as visions mixed with present and future realities but without shaping any certainties of what is about to happen and whether that event is a good experience or a dooms day development.
Certainly these visions of the future should affect me now but they don’t. I do not think, shape or alter anything in the way I live when I wake up and get out of bed every morning. I say my blessing as my thanks to God and say a prayer for those who need inspirational strength to keep the faith flowing in a positive way.

If there is anything I am certain about regarding the apocalypse is not the walking dead, the dragons, beasts or anything else that creates horror inside the mind; I believe anything related to an apocalypse is related to the existence of Jesus Christ in my life and how his spirit has guided me through my own lifetime, hoping that I fulfilled my destiny and purpose as it was created under the heavens.