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Carl R. ToersBijns is the author of the Wasted Honor Trilogy [Wasted Honor I,II and Gorilla Justice] and his newest book From the Womb to the Tomb, the Tony Lester Story, which is a reflection of his life and his experiences as a correctional officer and a correctional administrator retiring with the rank of deputy warden in the New Mexico and Arizona correctional systems.

Carl also wrote a book on his combat experience in the Kindle book titled - Combat Medic - Men with destiny - A red cross of Valor -

Carl is considered by many a rogue expert in the field of prison security systems since leaving the profession. Carl has been involved in the design of many pilot programs related to mental health treatment, security threat groups, suicide prevention, and maximum custody operational plans including double bunking max inmates and enhancing security for staff. He invites you to read his books so you can understand and grasp the cultural and political implications and influences of these prisons. He deals with the emotions, the stress and anxiety as well as the realities faced working inside a prison. He deals with the occupational risks while elaborating on the psychological impact of both prison worker and prisoner.

His most recent book, Gorilla Justice, is an un-edited raw fictional version of realistic prison experiences and events through the eyes of an anecdotal translation of the inmate’s plight and suffering while enduring the harsh and toxic prison environment including solitary confinement.

Carl has been interviewed by numerous news stations and newspapers in Phoenix regarding the escape from the Kingman prison and other high profile media cases related to wrongful deaths and suicides inside prisons. His insights have been solicited by the ACLU, Amnesty International, and various other legal firms representing solitary confinement cases in California and Arizona. He is currently working on the STG Step Down program at Pelican Bay and has offered his own experience insights with the Center of Constitutional Rights lawyers and interns to establish a core program at the SHU units. He has personally corresponded and written with SHU prisoners to assess the living conditions and how it impacts their long term placement inside these type of units that are similar to those in Arizona Florence Eyman special management unit where Carl was a unit deputy warden for almost two years before his promotion to Deputy Warden of Operations in Safford and Eyman.

He is a strong advocate for the mentally ill and is a board member of David's Hope Inc. a non-profit advocacy group in Phoenix and also serves as a senior advisor for Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council in Chino, California As a subject matter expert and corrections consultant, Carl has provided interviews and spoken on national and international radio talk shows e.g. BBC CBC Lou Show & TV shows as well as the Associated Press.

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Solitary Confinement and Brainwashing Techniques Simplified

Solitary Confinement and Brainwashing Techniques Simplified

A lot has been written about isolation of prisoners inside these small cages designed for one man and one man only. This form of isolation is formally called administrative segregation of problematic identified prisoners but there is much more to the concept. The concept was designed for one purpose and one purpose only. The conversion of thought and behaviors. The change of the mindset and reprogram it to do what those in power want him or her to do. It’s really as simple as that. 

Now before you criticize me I will admit there is a secondary purpose and purpose is punishment. Physical and mental punishment because when you are taken away from other human beings you become vulnerable to change and the change imposed is harsh, cruel and involuntary but at the same time a designed deliberate occurrence to alter your thinking patterns. 

Basically speaking, it’s an attack on your brain and your body at the same time but with different time lines. One takes longer than the other and it all depends on your individual willpower before you submit to both of these force. The specific target is to produce an identity crisis from within and create mass confusion inside the mind.

So the attack is both physical and psychological but subtle in a sense where you experience a metamorphic state of mind designed for control of behaviors and ultimately a change in beliefs. The constant attacks of the environment put around you impacts your ability to withstand these deliberate steps to change you and some are successful to resist such change but suffer consequences of receiving more punishment from the system that controls them. 

Brainwashing can be done deliberately or as a form that is passively processed such as the Stockholm syndrome we all have heard about. The steps are simply inserted in the daily dialogue that attacks your identity, works on your ability to manage your guilt and eventually cause you to betray yourself or your principles that put there in isolation to start with. The physical part follows the mental steps as it changes your outlook.. 

You will reach a breaking point to some degree and ask for leniency as the guilt causes you to confess things you never thought you would give up on. This compulsion to confess is a driving factor and is the strongest indicator of the brainwash process that allows further steps to be imposed to further alter the behaviors or thinking patterns. 

Once the confession comes into play the system will treat you different. They will offer you incentives and make things a little less stressful for you and lessen your environment a little bit at a time to make you think you earned these privileges they are “giving” you on good behaviors. This harmony with the environment foster better progress in the change mechanism and literally makes you a “new” man or woman depending on the gender. 

So how does isolation break you down you ask? It puts you in a world of confusion and if you already have a mental illness or coping problem these conditions of confusion can lead to chaos or erratically described violent or unpredictable behaviors or worse, suicides as you really lose touch with your past and your world of reality. 

Stronger individuals survive or resist these dynamics longer but if held in isolation long enough, a change does occur even if you want to deny they have occurred. It breaks the human spirit and it breaks the will of a human being from being under a constant attack. Once designed to convert soldiers from foe to friend, it is used to convert gangsters to compliant prisoners as they sell out their soul to keep what dignity hasn’t been stripped away. 

It has been used to treat the non-mentally ill or behavioral antisocial personality disorders as it destroys the fiber that gives them strength and offers them incentives for changing or modifying their behaviors. This is one reason why a mentally ill person should never be locked down in an isolation environment as it triggers their psychosis to another critical level and can create difficult or fatal type of coping conditions for the prisoner, the staff and the system.