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He is a strong advocate for the mentally ill and is a board member of David's Hope Inc. a non-profit advocacy group in Phoenix and also serves as a senior advisor for Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council in Chino, California As a subject matter expert and corrections consultant, Carl has provided interviews and spoken on national and international radio talk shows e.g. BBC CBC Lou Show & TV shows as well as the Associated Press.

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Why are we Fighting another Christian Led Crusade against the Muslim Jihad and Killing in the Name of Christ?

Why are we Fighting another Christian Led Crusade against the Muslim Jihad and Killing in the Name of Christ?

We have to ask ourselves, how did we end up in this Middle East mess and conflict. What did we do to get involved in another crusade like the one a thousand years ago and land up in strange land that in all realities, has nothing to do with our way of life or culture? Certainly, this is all a political mix up that can be reversed or is it too late for that. I suspect we are deeply entrenched in another Holy War that will last for decades with no definitive results of who wins and who loses this fight.

Today we have no Saladin, but we have numerous Muslim leaders at war with us or fighting with us. We have entrenched our troops in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and now Syria. The list will certainly grow and it is eventual, all these collective efforts will certainly fail as this region of the world has been at war forever. This situation Syria is heartbreaking and once again, our country is deep at war with Russia joining the fight to support the very same tyrant the U.S. is trying to remove from government by helping the rebels win this war.

Why we took sides can only be expressed with deliberate confusion. Syria’s rules is a war criminal and Russia’s promise to help him remain in power contradicts our efforts to kick him out of control. Stuck in the middle are Muslim refugees and innocent people of Syria who are being killed by both sides and flee their country as the bombing, battles between ISIS and rebel as well as troops loyal to Assad the tyrant who has murdered his own people with bombs, chemical agents and other weapons for over a decade or so.

History tells us it has been about one thousand years since the last crusade was actively fought against these Muslim tribes. This must be the destiny written for this region as wars appear to be plentiful and fruitless. Most of the people have no choices as governments fight for land, oil, power and control of the resources and their religious rights. So here we are; Muslims from Syria, Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan in the mist with Saudi Arabia and others watching from the sidelines.

This is most certainly a significant event in our history. There is a lot of ignorance about Christian history and the crusade wars from the past and how these events are related depends on how you see these events unfolding compared to the last series of crusades and Holy War jihads. Like I stated before, I was born in a Muslim country and lived around that culture for the first ten years of my life. The only thing I ever learned about Islam was what was said around me and what I learned from observation.

I never considered the followers of Islam, our Muslim brothers and sisters, the enemy. I would guess and say that even though my suspicions were alive after the bombing and terrorist attack of 9 / 11, I still did not know enough about Islam to be comfortable in their beliefs. How Americans became involved in the most modern crusade is something of a mystery to me. I mean, from my own mindset, America was never involved in any of the previous crusades so why now; why are we fighting a religious faction we have no common bond with nor do we have a reason to hate them for who they are. Fundamentally speaking, and with a certain political perspective, this is the most mysterious part of this war.

The way I see it, even justifying the retaliatory strikes after 9 / 11, there is a huge problem with us being over there. The United States is supposed to be a nation of open minded individuals but by all means and based on political and combat actions – American culture has become myopic in nature and dangerous to the world as it interferes in every conflict on this earth.

Even if you go back to the very first year our country existed, there was no crusade and there was no war against the Muslims. This conflict never made it across the ocean and was not part of our history. The best we can do when we talk about our religious background and churches are the days of the Pilgrims and perhaps even the Revolutionary War but nothing in reality was connected to the crusades.

When the crusades were being fought our country wasn’t even a country yet. It never became involved in the conflict, the battles, and the good versus evil and there was no great peril. Fundamentally, I find that very confusing. So other than the fact that masses escaped Europe to get away from the religious persecutions and discrimination, we were a country that was built on many different religions including Christianity which appeared to be the main foe of the Muslims during the crusades.

So I have to ask myself, are we fighting a Christian Jihad against the Muslim Jihad and what is the point of this war? Going after the terrorist and Osama bin Ladin made sense but the rest of our strategies to invade, control and occupy land in the Middle East did not. Even if there were weapons of mass destruction as claimed, it was a European problem, not an American concern.

I can’t recall the Catholics being in arms, the Protestants protesting and the Baptist taking to the streets chanting war slogans and carrying signs. Sure, America was mad and outraged at the terrorist attack but we didn’t think it would launch us into a full scale global war against so many different Muslim nations. There have always been Christian armies versus Muslim armies but this terror attack wasn’t warranted nor justified and fundamentally wrong.

I was and am neither a pacifist nor a war monger. I have fought in the South Vietnam War and experienced war first hand and know of its ugliness and suffering. We got into this war because we got mad at the Muslims around the world? Is that what happened? Sure, this was a major quantum shift in government ideologies that brought us into this war. We created the conditions for this war – a moral war and certainly not a justified or necessary war. However, just like the Pope did back in 1095, we escalated a moral war into a holy war without reasons.

Our commander in chief drew a line and committed troops to fight in a strange country for whatever politically concocted reasons they could come up with. Our President wanted a war, any war, perhaps just a war but it turned into a Holy War since it was drawing lines between Christianity and Islam without any justified reasons to do so. Those attackers of the World Trade Center were people and it should have been people we targeted and not a religion. Certainly nobody promised anyone an eternal salvation or absolute assurances that if you fight these Muslims, God would be by your side for the same could have been said for the Muslims as their god Allah would support them in their struggles.

As confusing as this was, most American people basically shrugged their shoulders as they put their unconditional trust in our country’s leadership. Failing to legally justify this war, rumors, lies and false accusation were manufactured and fabricated to escalate this war. Just like the Muslims were shouting to kill the infidel (the USA) we were chanting to kill these Muslims. Thus a war was escalated and turned into another crusade based on conflicts of religion and hate based activities.

In my own experience in war, there is no significant distinction between a combatant and a soldier. Terminology used to justify torture and intelligence gathering methods illegal and unacceptable under our own laws. There were no battles inside mosques or churches – most battles were from the air and on wide open battlefields or cities. So how did we end up fighting a war and escalated it into a holy war? How did this war culminate and grow so quickly.

Every war has a winner and a loser. America likes to win and its soldiers want to win; on the other end, every Muslim soldier wants to win as well. Based on what we are going through, there won’t be a civilization to enough the spoils of war if we keep killing each other the way we are killing each other today.

Fear mongers are saying we are fighting because Allah wants the world to become all Muslim. Even if you give them the benefit of the doubt and count ten percent of the Muslims as jihadist, this is hardly enough justification to conduct a war on such a vicious and violent scale as thousands, no millions of innocents are being killed for reasons not well known and likely never fully explained.

So today, everyone is putting their heads in the sand and doing what I call the American patriotism -- it's cool to make war America. It will not stop unless we see a clear head-on-a-stick victory; a victory that will never come. Whether we like it or not, that's not the point, the war is still here.

Today, there were two polls that came out which said that there were eight million Muslims in America -- and this is the one that C.A.I.R. supported (the Counsel of American/Islamic Relations). It is likely to grow even stronger as the war prevails and is sustained fostering hatred and apathy towards the patriots and siding with the ‘victims’ of this war. It is Vietnam all over again with our government losing grounds with its own people.

Today we have a strong political movement inside the USA. Communities are settling in with Arabs, Muslims and other denominations other than Christianity. We know a little bit more now about the cultural Islam and we consider our country to be a culture of Christianity but times are changing. The biggest difference between Christians and Islam fundamentals is the frequency of prayer and worship and the strength in their faith and religions. If you aren’t practicing you are a Christian and the same goes for a Muslim living inside our borders.

The irony is that the USA is now accepting refugees from Syria and the other countries under fire and enduring a viciously fought war. This has united different sects of Muslims for the first time since Saladin, the one Muslim leader who fought Richard the Lionheart in the crusades. Today, they are united because of Osama bin Laden for the war that was sought after by our government has implode and exploited our own country more so than it has those countries where the troops were sent to fight and die in the name of democracy and freedom.

America today is a sleeping giant – our people have been apathetic and ignorant of these wars and unaware or too dumb to realize we are about to be conquered from within - there is some commonality along the whole spectrum of Islam as our own government has now facilitated the means to bring mass numbers of Muslim refugees and give them settlement in our own country and prosper like they are part of us but forgetting that these refugees have been enduring the hate, the wars of the past crusades for centuries longer than our own and find out today that besides having a grudge by way of the Christians of the European nations who fought during the crusades.....they  now have a common enemy with the USA as they joined in the last crusade of this world order to inflict so much pain, so much suffering in their fight against terrorism, that every Muslim feels their own people were the real target of American hate, power and their lust for waging war against them.

How many Al Qaeda were mixed amongst them; ask any Muslim if there is a connection between Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya and Egypt or any other Muslim country and the bombers of 9/11. We all know.